Silly beans

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Silly beans

Post  siri on Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:06 pm

I had 24 jiffy pellets left, and decided I would plant some bean seeds in them to get them started early. I had a couple of plastic supermarket food containers - the ones they do the salads in, so I put them in there, and covered with the tops and a bit of tape each side to keep the tops on, then put them in my Nth facing window.
I thought they would take a week or so, but by the time I next looked at them, some 5 days on, they were long stalked, with their leaves pressing against the tops. Ditto a few zucchinis, but not quite so bad. I have put them out in a protected spot to see if they harden off a bit. If they die, I might just reuse the jiffy pots, and try to remember them before they get too big the second time round.
Have lots of stuff to pot up on Saturday, including heaps of different tomato seedlings.
Cheers, Jan
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