A must have book on veg gardening

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A must have book on veg gardening

Post  siri on Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:28 am

I rarely buy new veg gardening books these days. I use the yates garden guide for most of my needs and some nice books I have accumulated over the years.
Yesterday I bought "One Magic Square" by Lolo Houbein, and I feel I am on the verge of an epiphany.
This woman makes it easy for beginners, gives the harder stuff for the most ardent enthusiasts, and most importanly puts it in very simple terms why we should be growing our own food, and saving our own seed, and doing it all organically.
Without riding in on the global warming crises as a means of advertising their product (I'm seeing a lot of that lately) she puts it plainly. She nearly died as a child in pre-war years in Holland, and does not intend to go without food so long as she has a few square metres to grow stuff.

She even tells you from the outset how to get them most out of the book in the shortest time. Why sit reading when you can be outside growing food?

I urge you to at least stand in the bookshop and browse this book. It cost me 49.50 (I think, but I'm an incorrigable price tag peeler offer).
Best money I have spent in a long time, and no - I don't get a cut for advertising it.

Cheers, Jan
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